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February 2018 Board Mtg. Minutes

                                                        Four Seasons Condo Association

                                                       Board Meeting – February 19, 2018

Vice-President Susan Anderson-Dale called the meeting to order at 6:40. President Brenda Walton took over the meeting when she arrived. Present: Susan Anderson-Dale, Geri Guerra-Hynes, Jean Ivory, Brenda Walton, and James Brock (via phone conference). Absent: Jean Corey and Mr. Rao. Robert Schuman (MGMC) and John Williams were also present.

I. Co-owner & Contractor Forum

a. John Williams – John requested an increase for PTO. Susan moved to increase John’s PTO to 60 hours (reflecting two weeks PTO). James Brock seconded the motion. Motion passed.

John also asked for an increase from 30 to 32 hours per week. Susan explained that due to federal regulations regarding fulltime employment we cannot offer John 32 hours/week. John then requested an hourly raise in lieu of additional hour. Susan wants time to run some numbers before making a recommendation. John wanted confirmation that he can use flex time for his hours depending on the needs at Four Seasons.

b. ABC Pools – Robert and the board discussed the proposal from ABC Pools regarding the filter and opening/closing proposal. Jean (Ivory) moved to approve the filter sand change, pool opening with acid wash, and pool closing for $1960 as quoted in the proposal dated 01/19/18. Geri seconded the motion. Motion passed.

The board discussed work order procedures with John. John has been asked to tell residents that he cannot do the repair until a work order is submitted. This information will be provided to all co-owners by email and a newsletter.

John asked that co-owners also be informed of the trash removal policy – specifically, breaking down boxes and securely tying all bags.

II. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

a. Brenda made a motion to accept the January 22nd, 2018 minutes and Geri seconded the motion. Motion approved.

III.                    Management Report

  1. Brenda and Robert discussed the limitations and verbiage for the software used for the CAR. Robert asked that John and Dave (Dale) let Renae know of their completed work orders. Brenda said that while the report was accurate, it appears to be incomplete, citing that only 5 new work orders were reported since the January meeting. Robert acknowledged that there was a problem with the CAR and that he is attempting to discover either the solution or a work-around, which will result in an accurate reflection of the Work Orders entered and the status of each.

#84686 – Plumbing   The board needs more clarification from Adam Randall regarding association/co-owner responsibility.  Brenda will reach out in an attempt to obtain a definitive definition/statement from our legal counsel.

IV. New Business:


V. Financial Report

a. Geri said that the report shows that Four Seasons appears to be in good shape. There were some maintenance line items that did not appear to be fully budgeted. Brenda asked Robert to have Robert Simon itemize expenses for some of the maintenance issues discussed (#8350, for example, on page 5). Geri mentioned that $500 has been budgeted for a spring social event. The board will consider a party for May.

Geri made a motion to accept the January Financial Report and Jean Ivory seconded the motion. Motion passed.

VI. Old Business:

  1. The Hall’s do not have the name of the vendor for the dryer cleanout. MGMC and the board will continue to attem
  2. pt to identify a qualified vendor.
  3. Jean Corey will schedule John (Williams) to troubleshoot the drain line from the furnace for #57 and its effect on #53.
  4. Jean Corey will also schedule John to check out the plumbing issue with Units 43 and 47. Brenda will confirm John’s availability to complete these tasks with Jean Corey. Brenda will contact Adam Randall regarding the language used to determine association/co-owner responsibility for plumbing issues.
  5. The board accepted Adam Randall’s opinion regarding association responsibility for balconies.
  6. Robert emailed Peter V. with the BTFD about the fire suppression system but has not heard back yet. Geri made a motion to accept the upgraded proposal and quote from Gallagher. Susan seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  7. Robert met with Plumbing Techs and requested a quote for replacing the galvanized piping throughout the complex. He has not received a quote yet. Brenda advised him to give the vendor a few more days. Brenda has a contact to make as well. Robert indicated that a floor plan is needed to make accurate plans. He will check with Harold Lanning, who may have a plan. Robert asked how we should phrase future assessments to prospective buyers when asked for information. The board suggested that “continued updates for improvements are ongoing.”
  8. Robert needs to have RB & Sons clarify proposal for lighting on the signs and confirm the quote. Geri made a motion to approve $375 for the repair of exposed wires, which condition was identified and included in the RB & Sons quote, and Susan seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  9. The engineer (Chuck Jones) will provide his opinion for the garage supports when he returns in May.
  10. More research needs to be done for best place to deposit funds over $250,000 FDIC limit. Susan will ask David Dale to do some research on this.
  11. All snow must be gone before quotes for a Grounds Maintenance Contract can be secured. Robert has contacted Greenleaf’s, San Marino and Village Lawn for a proposal. Robert informed the board that there may be a slight upcharge for salt usage this winter. Brenda asked for a sense of the amount of the increase.
  12. Susan made a motion to accept the quote for $2495.00 for the front door for the Equinox House. Geri seconded the motion. Motion passed. Robert will check on keying issues for the door.

Jean Ivory will schedule a special meeting for the board with Steve Watson to discuss options for the website. The suggestion was for the May board meeting.

VII.                    Calendar

  1. Next board meeting – March 19, 2018

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM     

Respectfully submitted by    

Jean Ivory, Secretary         

February 19, 2018

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