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2016 Four Seasons Annual Meeting

The annual meeting for Four Seasons is scheduled for Monday, October 17 at 7:00PM, with registration beginning at 6:30PM. 

Co-owners will be asked to vote for Board Member Election/re-election. Information for a By-law ammendment has been mailed to all co-owners. Please consult a board member if you have any questions about this issue. 




Now that the road project is complete, the road will be sealcoated to protect and enhance the appearance of the blacktop. Weather permitting this will occur on Thursday, May 19th and Thursday, May 26th. Please be aware that parking and access to the buildings will be limited during these times and make arrangements for your needs. You should receive parking instructions from MGMC detailing where to park. Thank you for your cooperation - this will be protecting your investment. 


Overnight Parking

Pleasde remember that the over night parking policy is in effect year-round. There are two overflow lots for overnight parking - one is between the Winter and Spring buildings. The other is between Summer and Autumn buildings. All other parking areas (including the spaces in front of the tennis courts and along the center island across from Summer) are for daytime and early evening only. Thank you for your cooperation. 


...In the neighborhood of Four Seasons

After a relatively mild winter, many of you are probably anticipating the warmer weather of spring. The Board has been discussing projects for buildings and property. As soon as all proposals have been submitted the Board will announce the work you can expect to take place this Spring and Summer.

With warmer weather around the corner, please remember to keep the garage areas clean and free of loose trash. This is important, not only for appearances, but discouraging the presence of "small animals" looking for food and a warm place at night. 

For pet owners, please remember to follow established policies for walking pets and necessary clean up.




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